What People Say About Us

“Ecomonitor have provided us with detailed weekly analysis of our energy consumption in a very clear and easy to understand report. If we have any queries on the information or reason for trends within the reports they are always available to talk it through with us. We are now starting to make positive progress in tracking and controlling both our consumption and our costs as well as driving down our carbon footprint in line with our ISO140001 commitments.”

Kevin Prone, Head of Operations & Service Delivery, Nowcomm

“My thoughts on your reporting and the visibility of Eco-monitor. One word – excellent! The reporting is full of great information that is easy to read and the charts showing what is going on in the building are very clear and updated regularly”

Ken Wickenden, Building Manager, The Mille, Brentford


Energy Procurement

An effective way to save money at no cost

Optimising energy costs from energy pricing is a specialised and time consuming activity because the markets are volatile and energy trading with numerous suppliers is required.

We often find when we talk with clients that current energy pricing, and more importantly, future rates are a concern. Additionally, there can also be a lack of understanding of the detail behind their current agreements. This is dangerous and can result in extra and unnecessary costs.

Because we look at the complete picture we aim to support our clients in securing the optimum pricing available when it is relevant to do so. By adopting a strategic approach to energy procurement we find the most competitive pricing and present the appropriate options for our clients’ business.

This is undertaken at no cost or obligation to you.

To get more information on how we have helped our clients save money through obtaining more competitive energy tariffs go to Case Studies. Alternatively go to Contact Us, and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.