What People Say About Us

“These reports are really doing their job and our building manager looks forward to receiving his weekly updates. We are learning so much about what is working and what we are told is happening. Keep the info coming and THANKS James and the Eco-monitor team.”

Yvonne Smith, Property Director, Helix Property Advisors

"If you are to make a serious attempt to cut your energy usage and carbon footprint, you have to be able to measure what you are doing. The Eco-monitor approach allows exact monitoring and they help us focus on usage and how we can save."

Andrew Thornton, Thornton's Budgens


Energy Training & Coaching

Energy reduction – getting the most through people

The behaviours and attitudes of people will impact upon energy and water consumption, whether that be positively or adversely!

To implement an effective long term energy efficiency program, where sustainable reduction and control of energy and water consumption is achieved, it is critical that the behaviour of people is integrated into your thinking. Employee engagement and awareness is essential.

Whether you have a building(s) that incorporates what you consider to be highly sophisticated equipment and automated controls system or whether you rely entirely on the behavioural disciplines of the people working and operating within it, energy training and coaching will often be a must have tool for achieving your energy efficiency goals.

At Eco-monitor our training and coaching methods are flexible to meet the needs of your organisation but are driven by the overall goal of ensuring that people are motivated and enthused to actively make a difference. Our methods create long term commitment and participation that ensures that people clearly understand what they can influence and how they can influence it, on an individual and collective basis.

At Eco-monitor our approach is to understand the specific needs of our client, and we are experienced in conducting all forms of training:

  • Group workshops.
  • On the job training.
  • One on one coaching.

We also have experience and can support in the creation of marketing materials and e-learning material, where self–training is the most appropriate and effective route.

For more information please Contact us and we would be happy to have an initial discussion on what we could achieve for you and how we could go about it.