What People Say About Us

“The Eco-monitor system has delivered proven results across a number of our properties. The system has given us full visibility of energy usage throughout our buildings allowing us to implement changes which in turn has made considerable savings on energy costs”

James Townsend MRICS, Helix Property Advisors

“Ecomonitor have provided us with detailed weekly analysis of our energy consumption in a very clear and easy to understand report. If we have any queries on the information or reason for trends within the reports they are always available to talk it through with us. We are now starting to make positive progress in tracking and controlling both our consumption and our costs as well as driving down our carbon footprint in line with our ISO140001 commitments.”

Kevin Prone, Head of Operations & Service Delivery, Nowcomm


Energy Management

Complex Made Simple – The Eco-system

Eco-monitor provides a pro-active energy reduction and management service for electricity, gas and water, which is designed to optimise a building’s consumption and keep it in-check. We call our unique approach The Eco-system which delivers a continuous cycle of energy improvement and control for our clients.

The Eco-system:

  • Analyse.
  • Set Targets & Goals.
  • Identify Opportunities.
  • Recommendations.
  • Agree Actions.
  • Implement.
  • Review Results.

Our experienced energy analysts create individual weekly reports highlighting consumption profiles along with comparison and trends. Reports alone however do not always initiate actions and that is why we have regular dialogue with our clients. To support this a comprehensive monthly executive report is produced and presented face to face, providing analysis and insights into the monthly and annual trends as well as review of progress against agreed targets.

We go to great lengths to ensure our reporting is clear and concise as well as tailored and relevant to our audience.

The visibility of consumption data that we deliver can be at varying levels of detail depending on the metering solutions that are installed within the building. This ranges from seeing the real time consumption for the whole building, via the Smart meter(s), through to measuring the energy used in selected areas or by specific machinery via sub metering. Sub metering is more appropriate for larger more complex buildings, or with businesses with high energy costs and can provide a detailed understanding of not only when energy is being consumed but also from where and why.

For more information on how the Eco-system works go to the Eco-monitor Process

We have a number of varied Case Studies which can demonstrate the impact of The Eco-system.